Published Works

I have written three books on Volhynia, all of which are available for purchase direct from me. The shipping and handling cost in the US is $5 and Canada is $10 per book (sorry, but the postage to Canada is notoriously high). Email me for a quote on shipping outside the US and Canada or for orders of multiple books. All orders must be in US Dollars. I have also written a number of unpublished works which can be viewed here.

Miller Country

The Old Country This carefully documented 152 page history of my Miller (Mueller) family is the accumulation of more than 35 years of extensive research.  Included are approximately 150 unique and interesting photos, and a series of relevant maps.
The book, consisting of three main parts, describe my search for the Miller family, the horrific conditions under which they lived, and a biographical description of the descendants, beginning with our great, great, great, great grandfather, Gregor Mueller in 1770.

$20 plus shipping. 

The Old Country

The Old Country This book contains over 250 stories of everyday life in the Russian Empire), Hardcover, 330 pages, 2006. $30 plus shipping

Written by a minority group of people called the Volhynian Germans. The stories speak of happy childhoods, sudden and forced separations, tragic circumstances, unanswerable questions, miraculous escapes, eternal hope and new beginnings. The book spanning over 150 years of Russian German life and culture promises to be a valuable souvenir for our older readers and a vital inspiration for the younger generation. In addition to the stories, the book also contains many interesting photos, a number of important maps and an overview of the socio-political times in which the people lived.

Under Arrest

Under ArrestRepression of the Russian Germans in the Zhitomir Region, Ukraine, in the 1930s, Hardcover, 240 pages, 2004. $30 (plus shipping)

This book brings to light for the first time in history the plight of the Germans in the Zhitomir region in the 1930s who were arrested, falsely accused, tortured, humiliated, deported, shot, starved or worked to death under the Soviet regime in Ukraine. It is based on the actual files of victims found in the former Party Archives, top secret documents, newspaper accounts, oral reports, private letters and family histories. It also exposes some of the inner workings of the Communist Party and the dark side of humanity.

In the Midst of Wolves

In the Midst of WolvesThe History of German Baptists in Volhynia, Russia 1863-1943, Softcover, 328 pages, 2000. $25 (plus shipping)

In the Midst of Wolves is a history of German Baptists in Volhynia, Russia, 1863 - 1943. It describes in detail twenty churches and their pastors in both Eastern and Western Volhynia, drawing on numerous church periodicals, family stories, and archival records, which have never previously been published. It is of value not only to the families included, but also for Baptist history in Volhynia and for the history of evangelicalism in the Russia Empire/ Soviet Union as well as for anyone researching Eastern Europe. It contains nearly 100 photos of churches, pastors, and families. Click here for an index of names referenced in this book.